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Sunday, 13th of May

19:00 Welcome dinner

Monday, 14th of May

09:30 Session 1.  Biogenesis and stationary phase
  Petr Sergiev Modification of translation apparatus: in a search for a functional role
  Irina Boni New feedback loops in expression of ribosomal protein operons
  Jaanus Remme Bacterial ribosome remodeling during transition into stationary growth phase
  Konstantin Usachev Structural studies of Staphylococcus aureus ribosome hibernation
11:20 Coffee
11:40 Session 2.  Structure and Function
  Alexander Myasnikov Visualization of chemical modifications in the human and E.coli ribosome structures
  Lasse Jenner Structural investigations of ribosomal decoding
  Pohl Milon Dynamic response of the 30S pre-Initiation Complex to ribosomal binders
  Andrey Konevega A new mechanism for the regulation of translation initiation by small molecules
  Dmitri Ermolenko The formation of intramolecular secondary structure brings mRNA ends in close proximity
13:45 Lunch
14:45 Excursion to the Upper Garden
15:30 Coffee
15:45 Session 3.  Antibiotics
  Alexey Bogdanov Ribosome inhibitors: calling for more thoughtful actions
  Yuri Polikanov Odilorhabdins – novel antibacterial agents that cause miscoding by binding at a new ribosomal site
  Marat Yusupov Application of the ribosome-inactivating small molecules
  Witold Szaflarski A novel mechanism for the anticancer drug Mitoxantrone as a protein biosynthesis inhibitor
  Ilya Osterman Tetracenomycin X binds at the beginning of the ribosomal tunnel and inhibits translation
18:00 Transfer to boat trip

Tuesday, 15th of May

09:30 Session 4.  Initiation in eukaryotes
  Ivan Shatskiy Current state of our knowledge on mechanisms of cap-independent translation initiation in eukaryotic cells
  Dmitry Lyabin What could be better than Y-box binding protein? Two Y-box binding proteins!
  Sergey Dmitriev What we have learned from mRNA transfection experiments
  Elena Stolboushkina Structural and functional study of the translation re-initiation factors DENR–MCT-1 and their yeast homologs TMA22-TMA20
11:10 Coffee
11:30 Session 4 (part 2).  Initiation in eukaryotes
  Christoph Hellen The divergent mechanism of initiation on the Halastavi árva virus intergenic region IRES
  Ruslan Afasizhev Decoding an encrypted message: mitochondrial translation in trypanosomes
  Irina Eliseeva Transcriptional point of view on mTOR translational control
  Dmitry Andreev Identification of novel protein coding ORFs in mammalian genomes facilitated with Riboseq
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Excursion to the Lower Park
17:00 Coffee
17:30 Session 5.  Termination
  Andrew Matveenko Effects of eRF3 malfunction on termination of translation and prions in yeast
  Alexandra Zinoviev Functions of unconventional mammalian translational GTPases GTPBP1 and GTPBP2
  Elena Alkalaeva Regulation of mammalian translation termination by PABP
  Pavel Ivanov Non-canonical functions of ribosomes and transfer RNAs
19:30 Dinner
20:30 Session 6.  Discussions. Posters

Wednesday, 16th of May

09:30 Check out from the hotel

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